Project Rituals is an installation based on daily rituals people have to create an experience based ritual.
This installation is designed for people who wants to be into the creative state of mind.
The installation/ritual consists of a square cardboard box in which the person can go inside.
 The box symbolizes a place where you can be free to be creative and isolated from disturbance.
Inside the box you will be able to see neon paint container on a cardboard table,
the text ’draw what you hear’ and a radio playing just noise. The more people go inside and
draw something, the more the next person can see and get inspired by it.

Project goal
Create a tool for people who wants to go into the creative state of mind.
(A tool that you can use to be creative)
Skills: Design, concept, research & crafter
Team position: Designer, Playtest lead
Team: Tobias Clous & Nicky Okko van Veen (Game Developers), Kris van Geel & Tiago DSP (Game Art)
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