PALUP is a reflection tool for students from HKU G&I, that can 
enhance their reflection capabilities as a professional designer
uring or after a work situation. 
PALUP teaches the students how to reflect about their behaviour
and actions and to understand their teammates in 4 steps.
The app is designed to be used with at least 2 people and guides the
user on 3 rounds:
Round 1 is all about starting the conversation with an experience sketch.
Round 2, Q&A is about learning how to ask and answers question.
In round 3 you will start reflecting about the conversation, your
behavious and actions.
Project goal
Create a tool for students of HKU to be able to reflect
upon themselves as a professional designer.
Graduation project.
Skills: coding, graphic design, research and user experience
Gratitude towards the people who helped me with the design and research:
Irene van Peer, Milja Markies and everyone at HKU.

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