Monster rebellion is a local-based game in which children searches
 for clues during the morning and hunts monsters down after school.
 The goal of the game is that the children in a class need to work together to save their 
digital city from all the chaos the monsters are creating by walking to school and finding clues to
know where the monster is hidden. With this game the children als learn how to resolve puzzles. 

  This project is created during my internship at SPRINGLAB (innovation studio in Utrecht, The

Project goal
Design a concept to encourage children to
walk to school instead by car.
Skills: Art, Concept designer, User interface, Research & Playtest designer
Team position: Game artist, user interface designer, intern
Team: Timon Nap (Game Developer), Salko Joost Kattenberg (Game Designer) & Tiago DSP (Interaction Design)

Click for the documentation (dutch version)

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