Inbetween is an installation in which a group of 4 students had to create value for old
pictures from Kolding Stadsarkiv, by transforming the pictures into a dataset.
In the beginning the user is introduced to a room filled with a weird machine, on one
side there is an tablet where the user can write a memory and send it to the machine.
The machine then will transform and combine the quotes and pictures together to create
a sticker. The sticker represents a new database that people can understand and relate to.
Project goal
Transform and create a new valuable dataset
of old pictures from Kolding.

Skills: Leadership, coding, crafter and projection mapping
Team position: Programmer, tech-guy
Team: Ainoa Pubill and Ann-Kristin Fuchs (Graphic Design), Emil Saaby (Communication Design) & Tiago DSP (Interaction Design)
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