“IEUW! Wat ruik ik?” (Gross! What is this smell?) finds a way to manipulate human senses,
a new design possibility and incorporates them in the game world.
During the design process Kris van Geel & I found out that humans never have learned
how to properly use their noses, whilst the other senses are well trained.
I.W.R.K. is a game for children to learn how to identify smell in a sensuous and playful way.
The game should be played in school with a group. Every child gets their own block and
the purpose of the game is that they need to match each others blocks by smelling
and looking at the icons on the block.  (EX: icon of a bee and the smell of honey is a couple.)
When everyone finds their partner. The teacher will o pen the blocks (with the holes where you
can smell) and see what’s inside to see if the couple is right.
The game exist of 8 icon blocks, 8 smell blocks and 1 key to open all the blocks.
Project goal
Use an unused human sense as a core mechanic in a game in
which people can train that sense in a playful way.
Skills: Product designer and Researcher
Team position: Co-creator, crafter, illustrator
Team: Kris van Geel (Game Art, Co-creator) & Tiago DSP (Game Art)

Click here for the documentation
(dutch version)

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